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Dohna Dohna: Let's Do Bad Things Together (2020)


Hello all, today I will be reviewing 2020's Dohna Dohna: Let's Do Bad Things Together by the legendary AliceSoft Studio. AliceSoft has been in the erotic gaming industry since 1989, that means their first erotic title released only nine years after Pacman's debut. These guys know what they are doing, and it shows in this game immensely.

Dohna Dohna: Let's Do Bad Things Together is a quintessential and must play erotic game. This game isn't just porn with some minigames, it actually feels and plays like a legitimate game. It is challenging, thought provoking, and really fun if you like Turn Based Combat systems in your Adult, or regular, games.

Categories and Explaination of Categories:

(skip this section if you understand and want to go straight to the review)

As for the content in the game itself, I will separate into 7 categories: Story, Audio, Visual, Variety, Creativity, Fun, and Length. Each category gets scored from 1-5, with deviation allowed via decimals. These categories are all pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of clarity to the readers and creators I will give a brief explanation of the SAVVCFT Formula.

-Story: The quality, or lack thereof, of the games story. This may have very little impact on your decision to try to game, for some it is entirely essential to connect with characters. When is a game deemed lesser for a great story?

-Audio: Audio is a very important facet in gaming, some games being legendary and instantly recognizable with just a short audio clip or an OST. Sound, especially quality English narration and dialogue, is a rarity within the Adult Game Community. I will rate dialogue, OSTs, general effect noises, etcetera, if available.

-Visual: Does the game only have static images? Is it uncensored? Pretty much just how good are the games visuals, pornographic and otherwise.

-Variety: Here I will cover variety in the form of seducible characters, position variety, kink variety etcetera... -Creativity: Is this just another visual novel with a basic story and naked 2-D waifus, or is it a trend setting and innovative game? The art style and audio play into this category as well. -Fun: Did I enjoy the game? Was it fun in the expected ways, in other ways?

-Time: How much content there is, as well as the general pacing of story and time between scenes. decided not to do length here as there are tons of great short form adult games. This is more of a quality of time spent versus total time spent.


Story: Dohna Dohna's story is creative, unique, and quite entertaining. Very few games, explicit or not, have made me laugh out loud as much as this game. It balances great character development with an easy to digest story that isn't mundane. Expanding upon that point, the subplot girls you can get via hustling have quite interesting backgrounds and stories. I'm gonna give this a 4/5. Near perfect.

Audio: Amazing OST, sound effects, and voice lines. 5/5, hopefully the future industry standard.

Visual: If Dohna Dohna killed it with the audio, then they absolutely decimated the visuals in the non-erotic areas. Unique art, fully animated battles with unique animations for every character, and just awesome character design. Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of many of the erotic visuals. That is a personal thing though, even with only static erotica the game well exceeds much more well-known adult games. If you like 2-D hentai style erotica, then you will love this games content. Essentially it boils down to this: I came for the porn but stayed for the fighting. 4/5. Variety: Even though Dohna Dohna only contains 2-D static erotica for the most part, the variety is immense. From JOI style narratives to full on gang bang, there is multiples somethings for anyone in this game. Variety for the gameplay itself is even more impressive than the porn. Only issue I had, which is just another personal preference, is a seemingly slight focus on characters that are more petite and smaller framed. There are plenty of characters that break this trend though, so if petite girls aren't your thing, it's not a problem, just don't focus their story lines! 5/5

Creativity: From the OST to the credits this game is amazingly innovative and fresh. Easiest 5/5 I've ever given.

Fun: This isn't porn with some gimmicky mechanic to make it feel like a game, this is a full fledged game that would most likely have succeeded without the porn. I never played this game with only the intent to view the porn, the gameplay is just extraordinarily satisfying and addicting. It's simple to grasp, but still challenging to even the most experienced of players at times. 5/5, one of the most interactive and playable porn games out there in my opinion, great introduction game to the genre.

Time: I didn't feel like I was just soullessly clicking through pages of mediocre dialogue when spending time with this game. This is a truly fun game that just happens to have porn in it. Can get a bit grindy at times, especially with the clients you can sell to. 4/5

Total Score: 32/35. A definitive masterpiece of the genre and a source of envy and inspiration for creators. Near perfect everything, and a true example of a game with erotica versus erotica that's been gamified.


Dohna Dohna: Let's Do Bad Things Together is simply an amazing game with great pornography for SOME people. I was not personally a huge fan of the porn, but I know A LOT of people are looking for this kind of art style. Give it a try, even if you don't like the porn you may end up like me trying to speed run the game and get all side characters maxed. It's just a great game with a good story and lots of great humor, even without the porn! Side note: Try to get a legitimate copy of this game, most "free" copies floating around are embedded with a virus, google can usually spot it while you are downloading it, but it may not. This is of no fault to the Studio as these are just malicious bad actors taking advantage of a sought-after game. If you have issues finding a legitimate copy of the game, or if it keeps crashing, contact me directly and I can help you.

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