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Goblin Layer (2022) V0.426


Goblin Layer by Parados is a Goblin Slayer Porn Parody game. Most of the time parody games fall flat on their faces as most parody porn games are quite subpar. Once could say it's hard to make a porn parody that can get people hard and isn't a punishment to watch/play. Check out the game here if you'd like to find out: Goblin Layer (NSFW 18+) by Parodos (

Categories and Explaination of Categories:

(skip this section if you understand and want to go straight to the review)

As for the content in the game itself, I will separate into 7 categories: Story, Audio, Visual, Variety, Creativity, Fun, and Length. Each category gets scored from 1-5, with deviation allowed via decimals. These categories are all pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of clarity to the readers and creators I will give a brief explanation of the SAVVCFT Formula.

-Story: The quality, or lack thereof, of the games story. This may have very little impact on your decision to try to game, for some it is entirely essential to connect with characters. When is a game deemed lesser for a great story?

-Audio: Audio is a very important facet in gaming, some games being legendary and instantly recognizable with just a short audio clip or an OST. Sound, especially quality English narration and dialogue, is a rarity within the Adult Game Community. I will rate dialogue, OSTs, general effect noises, etcetera, if available.

-Visual: Does the game only have static images? Is it uncensored? Pretty much just how good are the games visuals, pornographic and otherwise.

-Variety: Here I will cover variety in the form of seducible characters, position variety, kink variety etcetera... -Creativity: Is this just another visual novel with a basic story and naked 2-D waifus, or is it a trend setting and innovative game? The art style and audio play into this category as well. -Fun: Did I enjoy the game? Was it fun in the expected ways, in other ways?

-Time: How much content there is, as well as the general pacing of story and time between scenes. decided not to do length here as there are tons of great short form adult games. This is more of a quality of time spent versus total time spent.


-Story: The story doesn't take itself too seriously, in fact it accomplished being a parody well. Comedy and silliness ensue, with an at least intriguing cast of characters with some pretty decent character development throughout the playtime. Being that the game is still in development, it is difficult imagine how good the story will flush out to the end. For now, I will give it a 3/5. Although, if this was a parody only category, it would have gotten a 5/5. Probably the best written porn parody I've experienced.

Audio: It's there, nothing to complain about and nothing to get excited about. Interesting sound choices in some locations really add to the humor. 3/5

Visuals: If you like old school RPG games then the gameplay will look quite good to you. As for the adult scenes, I would say currently it's about average to slightly above average animation. The positions and situations in said scenes are quite creative though. 3/5 Variety: If you like goblins 5/5, if you don't 2/5. I'll keep it nice and rounded off at 3/5 as it is a bit of a niche game. If you want the goblins, here be the goblins!

Creativity: The humor was surprisingly clever and well written, even if a bit ridiculous and over the top. Sometimes that is what makes a good parody, being able to push that boundary of ridiculous to its limit. 4/5. Pretty creative gameplay as well, nothing to rave about but still pretty well done for how early this game is.

Fun: Gameplay needs some refining; the battles aren't quite balanced yet and it is somewhat confusing on how you level up your character(s). Once again I should state that this game is in early development. Humor is really this game's saving grace, 3/5.

Time: It isn't an exceedingly long game, so you don't feel as if you are wasting much time. The pacing between erotic scenes is mostly user driven, as you can rush them or do miscellaneous side quests like any other RPG. 3/5

Final Score: 22/35. Great proof of concept and early development phase game.

High potential to become a great game if the developer keeps at it. Easily see this rising into the upper twenties once completed. Already an enjoyable game to at least check out, maybe you have an undeveloped goblin fetish you will discover. Goblin. Layer.


Solid game, nothing too harsh to say about it. Chief complaints are mostly quality of life issues that will most likely get resolved in future updates. Probably one of the better modern porn parodies, especially with its humor. It's free and relatively short, so check it out!

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