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Interview With Adventures of Harem Master Creator Studio Largehard

Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to get into contact with the one and only developer for the anticipated game: Adventures of Harem Masters. I asked him a few simple questions so we can get to know the developer a little better, and so we can get a peek behind the scenes of a creator as players of the game.

Question 1: Why did you start making this game?

Studio Largehard's Answer: I've been following Pinktea ever since their first game, but he makes very infrequent updates, and the direction of the game is really not as exciting as before. I thought I would have a go on making my own game.

Question 2: What was your inspiration?

Studio Largehard's Answer: I actually still need to trim the story, but the general setting came from Korean Manhwa. Everything else was just ideas that I piled on from community suggestions and other ideas I had from a long time ago

Question 3: What are your thoughts towards the response and community springing up around your game?

Studio Largehard's Answer: Community is divided for sure, people who just want their ideas brought to life love the game. People who only care about completely hand drawn art hate the game. The reality is that it's impossible for a solo indie developer to make so much art so quickly without AI, I see it as the same concept as all the other games using Koikatsu and CM3D2. AI Generated art is a sensitive topic, and I don't advertise it, but It's the only reason why the game was finally able to be published in the end. I tried 8+ different artists/animators and spent over 3K USD trying to get good consistent art but nothing was up to standard. The story is still handwritten by me. I've tried a few writers, but I haven't found someone who is suitable who can write the type of scenes I want to create.

Question 4: Is this a passion project turned career or a one-off creation?

Studio Largehard's Answer: Haha It's not big enough to be a career yet. My working hours are long, a typical work week for me in South-East Asia is eleven hours a day for six days out of the week. I can only realistically work on the game on the weekend or very late at night.

Question 5: Any other passions or hobbies?

Studio Largehard's Answer: Playing other creator's games, reading Korean manhwa. I'm in a proper third world country, not somewhere like Thailand/Singapore, so I can't play any online games as I don't have stable internet connection.

Question 6: Are you solo developing this project?

Studio Largehard's Answer: Unfortunately, yes, I recently hired a Unity developer, but he bailed after about 2 weeks of work. That's the reason why the Unity version isn't ready yet. But when it does, you can bet it will be much better than the renpy version.

Question 7: Do you still plan on eventually hiring voice actors for dialogue? If that is the case it will be a huge bar setter, hopefully making it more common amongst the adult game genres.

Studio Largehard's Answer: I definitely want to go for SFX and voice actors for the female characters, but good voice acting is surprisingly expensive. Roughly, it costs $3-5 per line, which ends up costing around 500-1000USD per update, that's why I can't do it yet.

Question 8: Any other comments you'd like to make?

Studio Largehard's Answer: I do plan on eventually animating some scenes in the game. I'm experimenting with a few animators now, it's still quite rough but it's much more interactive than static images. The final animations will only be in the Unity version due to Renpy's lack of video support for web browsers. (That's why I'm so fixated on moving it to Unity)

- I will be adding sound + SFX + Voice acting eventually once the game grows a bit bigger (close).

- I'm still thinking about whether to get the voice acting in Japanese or English. Will ask my patreon community in the near future.


There you have it folks! Some information about the game, the struggles of this specific creator, and some interesting discussion regarding the community as a whole. Please check out Studio Largehard on Patreon or, this is the kind of developer we should reward for outstanding work ethic even in tough circumstances. I know I'm already subscribed to his patreon! Adventures of Harem Master (NSFW 18+) V0.7 by Studio LargeHard ( Studio LargeHard | creating Anime Adult Games: Adventures of Harem Master | Patreon

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