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Adventures of Harem Master (2022) V0.7

Welcome to the first ever post on AdultGameReviews! I will be reviewing a new and rising adult game that has some real potential to be a fantastic game. Here is a link to the game (it is free can be played in browser): Adventures of Harem Master (NSFW 18+) V0.7 by Studio LargeHard (

Introduction: A bit about the game and developer Adventures of Harem Master introduces you to a pretty standard and charming Isekai style universe. You are a student in a school who is trying to create a Harem with the females in said school, oh yeah, you're the only dude. Adventures of Harem Master is fresh off the press and in pretty early development by a first-time creator in the genre, that being said it is one of the most promising games I have seen in a while for a game this early in development.

One of my favorite things about this game isn't even the game, it is the responsiveness of the creator. Studio LargeHard seems really passionate about this and is most likely very happy with the response the game seems to have garnered. It is nice to see in this community an active developer as we all know far too many projects that seemingly stop developing once income comes flowing through patreon.

That being said, at the positive response to the game, Studio LargeHard created a patreon and there is some paywalled content, however I don't think this is being done in the same light as a scam. This is their first game and most likely it is just a passion project turned into full time development. As much as I wish it weren't true, devs do in fact need to eat too. Poetry right there.

Categories and Explaination of Categories:

(skip this section if you understand and want to go straight to the review)

As for the content in the game itself, I will separate into 7 categories: Story, Audio, Visual, Variety, Creativity, Fun, and Length. Each category gets scored from 1-5, with deviation allowed via decimals. These categories are all pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of clarity to the readers and creators I will give a brief explanation of the SAVVCFT Formula.

-Story: The quality, or lack thereof, of the games story. This may have very little impact on your decision to try to game, for some it is entirely essential to connect with characters. When is a game deemed lesser for a great story?

-Audio: Audio is a very important facet in gaming, some games being legendary and instantly recognizable with just a short audio clip or an OST. Sound, especially quality English narration and dialogue, is a rarity within the Adult Game Community. I will rate dialogue, OSTs, general effect noises, etcetera, if available.

-Visual: Does the game only have static images? Is it uncensored? Pretty much just how good are the games visuals, pornographic and otherwise.

-Variety: Here I will cover variety in the form of seducible characters, position variety, kink variety etcetera... -Creativity: Is this just another visual novel with a basic story and naked 2-D waifus, or is it a trend setting and innovative game? The art style and audio play into this category as well. -Fun: Did I enjoy the game? Was it fun in the expected ways, in other ways?

-Time: How much content there is, as well as the general pacing of story and time between scenes. decided not to do length here as there are tons of great short form adult games. This is more of a quality of time spent versus total time spent.

The Review

-Story: The story of the game is pretty barebones at the moment, as the game is relatively new and being updated weekly. The story is a pretty standard Isekai-Anime "I got sucked into a video game world" introduction. That being said, this brings plenty of unique characters already, and I am sure we will see some great story telling. It seems right now the focus is more on universe building as the creator cements the direction of the story in. I will give the story a 3/5 for now, as it is new so I cannot be too harsh or too praiseful until the game is further developed. -Audio: Essentially none, but the creator does plan on getting voice actors on board, which is really rare for full dialogues stories within the Adult Game genre and would really set this piece apart. Will easily get full marks if that ever occurs, but for now, 0/5. -Visual: The game currently has static images, that being said they are pretty good quality if you like static image 2-D style hentai. There is already a decent variety of different girls, and with plans of animation in the future I can easily see this score improving. 3/5. -Variety: Right now the game has a good variety of girls and content, if you get behind the pay wall. There is enough to get you interested in the unwalled version, and I believe many of the paid features will just become in-game features in the future. As for sexual content variety there is some at the moment, but mostly there is a focus on light non-con themes (essentially consensual if you watch the intro to the game, as he already knows how to seduce most of the characters) and obviously harem themes. The creator plans to add a lot more variety in the future, for now I'll but it at a 2.5/5.

-Creativity: For a first time creator, I am going to give a lot of props to this creator. Mostly for the speed at which he is dishing out new and unique content. 3/5, expecting this to go up in time too. -Fun: I find myself checking weekly at the updates and playing them as they come out, it is an enjoyable game. I am a little concerned about it getting too grindy in the future, but right now it's a bit too easy with not much to do besides read dialogue and boost stats. 3/5 -Time: Adventures of Harem Master is currently short but sweet. You get an introduction to the universe, some of the girls, and some of the under construction features. You get a bit more if you subscribe to their patreon. If you read the explanation of this category, then you know this is more about the quality of time spent versus overall length. 3/5 TOTAL SCORE: 16.5/35 (build at time of review V0.7)

Summary: I have high hopes for this game and can easily see it breaking into high twenties or low thirties territory easily. Good job on this game and I look forward to updates regularly!

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