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Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend (2024) v.0.87.8


Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend was created by Incontinence Cell. This is their only published work under this name. It has been regularly updated at a modest pace, and doesn't show signs of slowing with a rather large update having just been released recently. You can find it here:

Categories and Explaination of Categories:

(skip this section if you understand and want to go straight to the review)

As for the content in the game itself, I will separate into 7 categories: Story, Audio, Visual, Variety, Creativity, Fun, and Length(Time). Each category gets scored from 1-5, with deviation allowed via decimals. These categories are all pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of clarity to the readers and creators I will give a brief explanation of the SAVVCFT Formula.

-Story: The quality, or lack thereof, of the games story. This may have very little impact on your decision to try to game, for some it is entirely essential to connect with characters. When is a game deemed lesser for a great story?

-Audio: Audio is a very important facet in gaming, some games being legendary and instantly recognizable with just a short audio clip or an OST. Sound, especially quality English narration and dialogue, is a rarity within the Adult Game Community. I will rate dialogue, OSTs, general effect noises, etcetera, if available.

-Visual: Does the game only have static images? Is it uncensored? Pretty much just how good are the games visuals, pornographic and otherwise.

-Variety: Here I will cover variety in the form of seducible characters, position variety, kink variety etcetera...

-Creativity: Is this just another visual novel with a basic story and naked 2-D waifus, or is it a trend setting and innovative game? The art style and audio play into this category as well.

-Fun: Did I enjoy the game? Was it fun in the expected ways, in other ways?

-Time: How much content there is, as well as the general pacing of story and time between scenes. decided not to do length here as there are tons of great short form adult games. This is more of a quality of time spent versus total time spent.


Story: Factorial Omega's story is unique while staying grounded. It is set in a dystopian near future, in a sort of cyberpunk technological hell we've been seeing a lot recently. Art imitates reality right? The story itself is entertaining, light hearted, and quite funny at moments. The characters are intriguing and have a level of depth to them. The story itself is quite short, and is paced well around gameplay mechanics and events. 4/5.

Audio: An interesting OST, crisp sound effects for actions, and good "lewd" noises. 4/5.

Visuals: This is where the game really shines, the level of detail and consistency is top notch. The animation is smooth and the still frames are pleasing to the eye. The GUI and the menu is clean and easy to understand. No complaints on this end, very stylized and pretty, fits perfectly into the setting. 5/5

Variety: While there may not be a variety of girls, the one "girl" you do have has unlimited variety. You can change just about everything, including the recent addition of "personality" modules you can insert into your bot. You can change almost everything about their physical appearance, and if you can't find a setting you're looking for there's probably a mod for it. Modding is supported and encouraged, at least so it seems. The scene variety is also somewhat limited, but it makes up for it with user control and the bot's expressiveness. 4/5

Creativity: This game is quite creative, it probably is one of the most in depth 2D character design adult games available right now. On top of that you have a pretty flushed out universe with plenty of hidden easter eggs and references. A simulated stock market, a casino, and fun other little side mechanics keep the game interesting long after you get bored of the base game. 5/5

Fun: This game is quite fun. If you're into resource management games, this sort of tickles that itch. It's not extraordinarily difficult, but there are multiple approaches to success. You have quite a bit of freedom in how you go about your adventure. There are a few parts where you can seemingly get stuck in the story or bot progression, as the game doesn't really hold you hand, but usually its something small you missed and just doing all the basics usually will fix whatever issue you have. 4/5.

Time: This to me is a game you pick up once or twice a year and binge for a good 10-20 hours over the course of a week. Every year there's at least one update that makes playing it again worth it. The pacing can seem a little slow, however that's what makes this an actual game and not just a pornographic tell your own tale. 4/5

Final Score: 30/35


If this is this devs first game, it is phenomenal. If it is their 100th game, it is still phenomenal. Definitely one of the current Top 5 games to play right now in this industry, especially if you're bored of the mass onslaught of Visual Novels, this changes things up a bit. My hopes are for actual voice acting, the ability to further augment the bot (which I'm sure is already well underway), and for more H-Scene variety. The scenes that do exist are SSS grade, there's just not an overwhelming amount of variety yet, one or two more "positions" and their corresponding variety of actions would flush that side of the game out.

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